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Payment SwitchPSP Payment Switch

Payment Solution Providers has developed a payment switch with a full suite of Java modules focused on delivering large-scale, e-financial systems that integrate payment system participants (e.g., government agencies, financial service providers, banks, debit and credit card issuers) with multiple service delivery channels (e.g., branch banking, Internet banking, telephone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) banking, ATM and video kiosk banking, and point of sale/service transaction processing).

The payment switch technology utilizes modules designed based on Financial Industry Standards: ANSI (American National Standard Identification), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and built on Java and J2EE technology. It offers Financial Institutions transparent compatibility with legacy and newly emerging technologies.

Each module is designed to help you manage aspects such as product definition and maintenance, card issuing functions, credit card acquiring and merchant relationships, authorization and processing, collections, incentives and loyalty programs, and more applying existing network telecommunication infrastructures and upgrading these infrastructures to world-class leading edge technology.

The banking switch which is a fully integrated payment switching and settlement system that is currently used by banks in the Middle East connecting branches, POS terminals and ATM devices. This switch supports all normal bank applications and can accommodate a complete suite of communication devices. Our customers are utilizing smart card technology and the system also supports RFID and other forms of identification currently in use in the financial market place.

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CCS Overview EMV Custom Card Solution

Custom Card Solution (CCS) provides an integrated environment to effectively manage single or multi-institution credit card issuing and acquiring operations. CCS aids to gain complete control over all aspects of credit card operations, from defining revolving credit products and acquiring cardholders and merchants to authorizing and processing credit and payment transactions. CCS allows you to manage risk by supporting multi-level approval criteria for cardholder acceptance, offering issuers complete flexibility in targeting and acquiring new customers.

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Benefits  EMV Ready

•  Manage Risk

•  Streamline Operations

•  Target Product Specific Markets

•  Customer Service Excellence

•  Respond in real time to Business needs


Salient Features

•  Comprehensive reporting and real-time transaction processing

•  Interface to plastic encoding/embossing systems and secure PIN generation hardware

•  Create multiple card products, families and accounts

•  Support Multiple currencies for product differentiation

•  Get instant updates to hot lists and warning bulletins for lost cards

•  Request upgrades, transaction tracing, statement explanations and on-line applications for products

•  Access on-line card production of renewals, re-issues and replacements

•  Interface external systems PCI-PA-DSS

•  Accommodate international debit and credit networks

•  Set up collection agencies & executive information systems


Range of Services Management 


Set up and control operating policies for institutions, card families, product accounts, user fees, exchange rates and commissions, and general ledger accounts.

Support daily operations for end-of-day (EOD) posting, cycle cut-off, end-of-month, statement and reporting production processes.

Credit Control

Access credit history for approvals, card renewals. Improve risk management with on-line direct access to data for issuers and merchants.


Manage and control collection through automated steps and collection agent activities, ensuring effective and efficient tracking.

Advanced Fraud Control

CCS identifies possible fraud conditions during the EOD process for pre-defined fraud situations, enabling control of fraud risk at cardholder and merchant levels.


Point of Sale Terminals 

Dejavoo POS Terminals

Payment Solution Providers, Inc. (PSP) offers wide range of mobile payment systems from leading industry manufacturers. All products are certified to the highest security standards, resulting in reducing your enterprise system PCI compliance scope.

We specialize in delivering payment solutions that are aimed at governments and financial institutions distributing payments services in emerging countries. They support four types of customer authentication technology — chip cards, PIN number entry, fingerprint verification and GPS tracking and a wide range of payment technologies, including NFC, EMV and magnetic stripe cards.

Our Mobile Terminals use multiple options to keep you connected:

  3G with Build in WiFi Model - for Dual Comm flexibility

  3G Model - Process transactions anywhere using the largest prepaid data networks.

  WiFi Model - Use your own WiFi wireless network - ideal for Pay at the Table!

  Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, VISA payWave, MasterCard PayPass



Network Hardware Network Hardware

Payment Solution Providers, Inc. (PSP)  assists clients to design, deploy, and manage Secure Network and Transaction Routing.

Our networking solutions include hardware and communications infrastructure designed and customized specifically for card payment transactions. Our networking systems provide flexibility, reliability, security, improved speed and low total cost of ownership while delivering the infrastructure necessary to achieve superior connectivity within your POS environment and Host to Host communications.

All hardware equipment, supports hot swap functionality for expansion of deployed products without interrupting current operations and supports logging records to maintain details about real-time payment transactions.

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